Change and constant…what’s the scoop?

In the past few weeks, there have been a number of changes within our 40 county Red Cross world. You may be weary of seeing the emails as several of our Red Cross family members made the decision to step into the role of Red Cross Volunteer.  Our emotions may be in an uproar and our guts may feel uneasy, but the bottom line is, change happens. Every day, every where, in every thing, change is a constant. Sometimes it feels like change is the ONLY constant, am I right? While some change may be difficult for us, like these changes in staff, we recognize and respect their priority to family and personal growth.

So here are my thoughts about the changes in our world, the ones behind us and the ones that lie in front of us, yet unknown. While change might be scary and unsettling, we have a choice to make. We have a choice to let those changes create bitterness or hope. Many people have advice about change. Here is one of my favorite…

What can we learn from the famous words of David Bowie? “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” Well, I think he’s saying we need to remember that change is inevitable, as is the passing of time. What that looks like for each of us as individuals…well it’s our choice. Remember? Bitterness or Hope.

While all these changes are going on in our Red Cross world, I want to ask each of you for a favor. I want to ask that you focus on three things.

1. The part of our Red Cross world that is a constant; our mission to alleviate human suffering. 

2. Why YOU are here; to alleviate human suffering. 

3. What personal growth YOU can find through change. 

Hope I stare at this wall every morning. At the top is a reminder of what we do; HOPE. Right underneath,  is why we are here; Our mission statement.  As long as we keep our focus on the constant, hope will always be part of the change.


Thank you for your continued commitment to serving people and providing hope. We have much work to do and YOU are the constant through this change. YOU are the HOPE, and it is my honor to maneuver through  these changes with you. Always forward. Never straight.

Sincerely, Nigel  Holderby


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