News Release: American Red Cross to realign territory boundaries — service delivery to region remains

photoThe American Red Cross in southern Missouri will be part of a realignment of territory boundaries within the state in order to most efficiently deliver the mission. The result of these changes will mean increased assistance provided to people who depend on Red Cross after a disaster. While we do not have a great deal of information at this time, we want to be transparent and open with what we do know. We will of course continue to provide updates as we learn more in the coming months.

Below is the news release that went out to our media partners earlier today:

Southern Missouri; August 7, 2014 – The American Red Cross always strives for the most efficient way to deliver the mission and make the best use of donor dollars. “As we face a growing demand for services we continue to look at our resources and structure to better, touch more lives, in new ways, under our same trusted banner” said Debi Meeds, Red Cross Regional CEO in southern Missouri. “We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to those who need us, but we are always looking at how that work can be done better and more efficiently.”

Over the past five years the Red Cross has taken steps to create efficiencies in back office functions and with this recent announcement we expect changes to happen, some being the consolidation of regions and chapters. These changes will allow for the delivery of the Red Cross mission more robustly and consistently across a wider geography. “We know in Missouri we will be realigning on an eastern/western line, though the definition of these areas as well as staffing designations have not been determined at this time” said Meeds. “We hope to have a clear picture and to be able to announce the changes before the end of 2014.”

The Red Cross is doing more and is needed more than ever. The economy has changed over the past ten years, though the Red Cross national guidelines for disaster relief and financial assistance to families has largely remained the same. The overall impact of these changes will be an increase in the amount of services provided, including financial assistance, to the people who depend on Red Cross after a disaster. Ultimately, these changes will allow for a renewed focus on preparedness and response as well as recovery, in a more consistent way, across the country.

For more information regarding these changes, contact Nigel Holderby: 417-207-6349


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