The Digital Side of Red Cross

Digital VolunteerDo you prefer Digimon over Pokémon? Do you live in the ENCOM mainframe with Tron? Do you laugh when you hear people refer to Java as coffee, when you know it’s actually a language? Then you should become a Red Cross Digital Volunteer! Okay, you don’t actually have to know any of that to be a digital volunteer. That may have been a little bit of an exaggeration. But if you’re a wizard at social media #becauseyoureawesome, you should become a digital volunteer.

Digital volunteers are Red Cross representatives that use social media to communicate live happenings and to promote the organization. Who wouldn’t want to tweet and help people at the same time? You get the best of both worlds! The volunteers will report directly to the Regional Communications Officer for assignments and direction. Your duties will include monitoring, engaging, and reporting during times of disaster in order to help those in need. This allows people to spread information and understand the situation at hand during stressful times when communication resources are limited. On the other spectrum, non-disaster times will allow you to be a Red Cross advocate. You will be sharing the organization’s mission and expanding its reach. Easy enough, right? 

There are few guidelines for digital volunteers. First, are you a sensible, nonpartisan, and empathetic person? Sorry Vulcan, you’re out. Second, in order to carry out these responsibilities, you need to have an active Twitter account. You must also have an email account that you check frequently. Intermediate to advanced skills with social media sites are needed, unless you are an active X-Men with the abilities of Forge (either will suffice). In addition, you will, obviously, need to have a computer that you can use for long durations.

The Red Cross depends on its communication team! It’s necessary for the organization’s coordination, community awareness, and disaster response. The average American spends about 3.2 hours a day on social media platforms. So why not put that time towards something that makes a difference?

If you are interested in becoming a Digital Volunteer we ask that you send a direct message on twitter to @SOMORedCross or post a message to us on Facebook at American Red Cross, Southern Missouri Region.  

Story by: Ashton Yust, Red Cross Communication Intern

Photo courtesy American Red Cross


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