Service spans ocean to southwest Missouri

Arsenja Marteja’s compassion and service has spanned an ocean from the Philippines to Seneca, Mo. in her nine years as a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

Arsenja Marteja and her husband Nebuchadnezzar have demonstrated service in two nations.

Arsenja Marteja and her husband Nebuchadnezzar have demonstrated service in two nations.

She and her husband Nebuchadnezzar began volunteering with the International Red Cross for the simple purpose of wanting to help people. She turned her compassion into action by becoming a volunteer to provide much needed relief to those in unfortunate situations. Arsenja’s kindness made her become an invaluable asset to the organization. Arsenja’s activities in the Philippines included providing aid to flood victims and victims of other disasters, assisting families of service men and helping their families connect, and also raising money for the organization.

This work later prepared her for her future endeavors in America. While volunteering with the Red Cross in the southwest area (SWMO), a tornado struck Seneca in 2008. An EF4 tornado devastated the county and killed 13 people. Arsenja was quick to action with the rest of the Red Cross crew. She worked for a long 16 hours in the Emergency Response Vehicle.

As volunteers deal quick disaster responses, lifesaving blood drives, or helpful preparedness classes it is easy to forget that there is a bigger picture. There is more to the Red Cross than just America. Volunteers all around the world are carrying out their humanitarian mission of alleviating human suffering. The organization has been involved with various activities, from assisting with the crisis in Ukraine to the Oso landslide in Washington. These great acts of kindness could not happen without its brave volunteers worldwide.

These types of selfless acts are what makes the Red Cross strong. Without the dedicated volunteers, the Red Cross would not be able to carry out its humanitarian mission. If you have been considering becoming a volunteer for the Red Cross, but are still hesitant, do it! Arsenja says that the Red Cross can only carry out its missions through the help of volunteers. Volunteers are the life of the organization! It cannot breathe or function without them. As Arsenja said, the Red Cross does good work.

To become a volunteer you can fill out an application online, click here, or call us toll free at 1-866-206-0256.

Story by: Ashton Yust, Red Cross Communication Intern

Photo by: Nigel Holderby, Red Cross


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