America’s PrepareAthon!

People worry about disasters, but not everyone has a plan for what to do if a disaster occurs.  In fact, only around 2 in 5 people in the US say that they have an emergency plan.  That means 60% of the American population does not have a plan for emergency situations, and that they are not prepared for a disaster. Think about this fact for a second…Which group are you in?

Even if you are in the first group, you can still continue to improve your plan, or you can share information with people so they can become prepared and join the first group, also.  If you’re in the second group, it’s never too late to become prepared and make a plan for what to do during an emergency!

PrepareAthonThe Red Cross is partnering with FEMA to help educate America about how to be ready for a natural disaster with America’s PrepareAthon! We will help people get prepared for disasters throughout the spring, with a National Day of Action on April 30th.  If you, your community, or your organization wants to learn how to get prepared for seasonal disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, join America’s PrepareAthon! Learn how to plan for an emergency.  Be Smart.  Take Part.  And prepare today.

You can register to participate in America’s PrepareAthon! at, which will allow you to connect and collaborate with others to prepare for disasters. Be Smart by downloading guides on the site to learn how to prepare for natural disasters that are common in your area. Take Part by planning activities and hosting a local event on April 30th.

Prepare by practicing drills or discussing preparedness, helping your community to learn what to do during a natural disaster.
Share the knowledge by promoting your activities and events, and exchanging information with national preparedness community members on the online community on the website.  Follow the conversation on social media with @PrepareAthon and by using #PrepareAthon to promote America’s PrepareAthon!

If this gets you excited about learning more about getting prepared, also know that there is a second National Day of Action in the fall on September 30, which means that there are two days for you to educate and prepare your family, friends, organization, and community, so they know what to do during a natural disaster.

If you want to learn more, or download free, user-friendly resources, including  posters, fact sheets, toolkits, guides, and presentations, visit
For questions or comments, please email


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