Save Lives by Donating Blood

donate_blood_rotatorDo you want to make a difference in someone’s life?  Do you want to save a life?

It’s possible, even easy, to save a life – by donating blood!

While not everyone can donate blood, it is estimated that almost 40% of the American population is eligible to donate, although only about 10% actually do so each year, and the number of donations of blood in a year is around 15.7 million.  Blood is a vital necessity, and, every 2 seconds, someone in the US is in need of a blood transfusion, and, daily, over 41,000 blood donations are needed.   This blood must all come from donors, as it can not be manufactured.  Some patients, such as those with Sickle Cell or patients undergoing chemotherapy, can require frequent blood transfusions.

Blood has different components that patients need – red cells, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate – that can be separated from the whole blood.  The average whole blood donation, the most common type of donation, is one pint and can be separated into 2 or 3 components, meaning that your donation of one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives.

If you think “I don’t have the time to donate blood”, remember that it takes, on average, only around an hour and fifteen minutes to donate blood, and you can make an appointment to donate.  And remember that it will make you feel good inside, knowing that, in that little amount of time, you just helped 3 patients in need of transfusions.

I recently attended a blood drive at the Chick-Fil-A in Joplin, MO.  While turnout was expected to be about 12 people, around 20 people donated blood.  Several of these donations were people donating for the first time in their lives, including 6 Chick-Fil-A employees and me, and all of us agreed that it was an incredible feeling to know that we had all just saved the lives of patients in need of a blood transfusion.  One of these employees, who is currently going to school to be a nurse, said “It was very cool and gratifying to be able to do something so easy that makes such a difference. Also, it’s wonderful to be able to do it with friends and coworkers, so we could encourage each other during the process.”

The American Red Cross provides blood for patients in 2,700 hospitals across the nation, and these patients need your help.  It’s easy to give blood, and convenient, as blood drives are held at many locations, and it’s easy to make an appointment to donate to fit it into your schedule.

So, come join the 9.2 million blood donors in the US and be a #RedCrossHero. Save lives by donating blood, it’s safe, easy, and fast!

Want to learn more facts about blood donation? Visit our website to learn incredible statistics about blood donations.

To learn more about the donation process, or schedule an appointment to donate online HERE or you can call us!



Story by: Breana Clark, American Red Cross Communication Intern


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