Remembering Some Special Volunteers

tree 1 The American Red Cross could not exist without the help of dedicated volunteers.  In a way, the Red Cross is like a family, full of familiar faces.  Sadly, over the past few weeks, our family has lost several dedicated and long-standing volunteers, and they will be greatly missed.

Steve Glumm was a Dedicated Disaster volunteer and Disaster Action Team (DAT) Member in Joplin.  He was a veteran of the Vietnam War and an active member of our community.

Janet Scholl was involved with the Red Cross in many ways, such as being a Dedicated Disaster Volunteer, acting as a Services the the Armed Forces Volunteer, and formerly holding the position of Chapter Executive Director in Newton County.

Virginia Austin, a Dedicated Disaster Volunteer and DAT Member, lost her battle with cancer this week.  In addition to her service with the Red Cross, she was active in organizations in her community, including those related to the dairy farm she and her husband ran for 28 years.

David Lee was a Dedicated Front Desk and Office volunteer in Springfield.  He was involved in law enforcement for many years, as a Kansas State Trooper, a correctional counselor at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and held several positions as a security guard.  In addition to his volunteer work at the Red Cross, he also volunteered at Cox Auxiliary.

This has been a hard and sad time for the Red Cross family, and our thoughts are with their friends and families.  These people were dedicated to and active in their communities.  Their spirit will forever live on in the good work they did, the good friends they made, and in the hearts of their families.  Each one of them will be honored on the “Wall of Giving” in our Springfield Office, along with countless other volunteers who have passed on.The Giving Tree

Our volunteers are a blessing to us and to the community they improve through their work, and we are so grateful to them for all that they do.

Written By: Breana Clark, American Red Cross Public Affairs Intern

Photos by: Nigel Holderby, American Red Cross


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