A true humanitarian and Hero.

This year the Red Cross Everyday Heroes committee had more than 100 heroic stories to read and then select people to be honored at this years event. The event is one hour…there is just not enough time to share every single one, though we would love to.

Sophia Greenwalt and Steve Grant

Sophia accepting her award presented by Steve Grant from KY3 in 2011.

This year we are sharing some of the stories of nominees, who were not selected, on Facebook. When I came across this nomination I knew it was more than a Facebook post, it needed to be shared in full. I had the honor to meet Sophia Greenwalt two years ago when we honored her with an Everyday Hero award. This is the nomination we recieved this year…in her mother’s words.

“I have to nominate this special young lady again. Not because she is my daughter but because she has become an inspiration and role model for so many and I want others to know how wonderful she is.

Sophia was chosen as an Everyday Hero two years ago. You may say that she shouldn’t get chosen again but things have changed and happened since then and what I am about to tell you makes a difference. Sophia raises money thru her Helping Hats program. This is the fourth year now. She now has 9 business’s matching her monthly donation. She has inspired and involved the community. She is now a freshman in high school. She just used her winnings from being chosen as the Missouri Youth Volunteer of the Year by Prudential to feed 350 people Thanksgiving Day lunch.

There is one thing I forgot to tell you about Sophia that has happened this year. She was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia and has been fighting a rough battle since March. What this has done to her will be a story she will tell others and hopefully help them. It has been a struggle and taken over her life. No school, no doing things she used to do. She can’t walk by herself right now due to a chemo she has to have affecting her nerves. Thru all this, she is still raising money monthly for those in need. This is a time to be selfish and rightfully so but not Sophia. She is even starting her own scholarship to give to a graduating student this year.

Ironically, the last month she raised money before she knew she had cancer was for a teacher at her school that got breast cancer and also for Make a Wish. Two weeks later she fell suddenly ill and was diagnosed. She is the most unselfish person I have ever met and I want everyone to know about it. She is truly an inspiration more now than she was 2 years ago. I want people to be inspired to help others and I want kids going thru something as horrible as cancer to keep fighting and never give up. Please consider Sophia again. She is truly an Everyday Hero in every sense of the word. I am the luckiest mom in the world to be her mother.”

Thank you Mrs. Greenwalt for sharing this beautiful story with us about our amazing hero. She is a true humanitarian and we are honored to share this forward. Thank you Sophia for being an inspiration to us…and to the world. You are destined for greatness.

Story and photo by: Nigel Holderby, American Red Cross


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