Having courage is scary sometimes.

Did you know, recent information shows hard candy on the list of top foods that send children to the ER each year. About 15 percent of all choking related visits are from hard candy. Wow…that is a lot of choking kids. Having training in first aid and CPR is one way you can help, no matter your age.

During recess at summer camp in Oak Ridge, a young girl named Samantha noticed a classmate who seemed to be choking on the playground. She approached the boy and asked if he could breath. After shaking his head no, she immediately called in a friend for backup. “I was scared that I would not remember what to do so I called Mary Beth over. She did the back blows and I did the stomach things. It only took a couple turns and he spit out the piece of candy.”

ConsciousChokingPosterBoth girls are members of Girl Scout Troop 64049 from Oak Ridge where they worked with the American Red Cross towards First Aid badges last year. Part of what they learned was a unit on basic first aid, hands only CPR, and conscious choking, which we are so glad they did!

When asked how she felt afterwards Samantha said “I’m really glad we could help him, but it sure was scary!”

We are so proud to know Red Cross training helped support these two girls in a time of need! Thank you Samantha and Mary Beth for your courageous actions and for letting us tell your story!

Story by:Annah Rasul, Volunteer Services Manager SEMO


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