Dreaming of cool ways to get prepared?

The American Red Cross is here to make sure you are as prepared as you possibly can be for potential disasters and other emergencies. These events can strike suddenly, at any time and anywhere. There are several actions everyone can take that can help make a difference.
  • I know what emergencies or disasters are most likely to occur in my community.
  • I have a family disaster plan and have practiced it.
  • I have an emergency preparedness kit.
  • At least one member of my household is trained in first aid and CPR/AED.
  • I have taken action to help my community prepare.
When I think of being prepared, my mind starts to race.  There are so many objectives to consider and it quickly becomes overwhelming!  I imagine myself as this Inspector Gadget type, complete with helicopter hat and screwdriver fingers!  My mind then travels to all of the other things it would be handy to have.  Just imagine: a ‘batman’ belt filled with first aide supplies. A jacket that doubles as both a tent and a hammock (and is waterproof!).  A hat that has a water pouch in it.  The possibilities are endless!  What I think I would be most excited about, however, is getting to shout ‘Go-Go-Gadget can opener!’  (You just shouted that in your mind, didn’t you?  It’s okay, I won’t tell.)
Unfortunately, most of us are just normal people without mechanical limbs and gadgets. We have to rely on our own basic preparedness to get us thru.  Luckily, the American Red Cross provides ample resources to aide us!  There are classes, online courses, smartphone apps and preparedness lists all available for our use.  While it would be sooooooo nice to have ‘Super Gadget Preparedness’ powers, we can rely on these resources and our personal commitment to ensure we are ready to go when a disaster strikes.  

Story by: Kara Penrose
Recruitment and Presence Specialist AmeriCorps/American Red Cross 


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