Take Advantage of Discounted Babysitting Courses

Discounted Babysitting Courses
The American Red Cross is offering a 20 percent discount on babysitting courses through the end of July. With a course under their belts, teens and young adults can inch closer to financial independence from mom and dad.

The Babysitter’s Basics online course, Babysitter’s Training classroom course and the classroom course with Pediatric First Aid/CPR are eligible for the discount using coupon code INDY200913 (case sensitive) when registering online at redcross.org/takeaclass or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS http://www.redcross.org/babysitting. All registrations made through July 31 are eligible for the discount regardless of when the course takes place.

The courses provide students aged 11 years or older with a range of training and skills so they can jumpstart their babysitting career and show potential employers they know their stuff. Participants learn how to handle situations that sitters are likely to encounter such as treating bleeding, bee stings, and burns.

Find more information on how to get started and share this opportunity with youth who could be future sitters.

By: Don Lauritzen 


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