Disaster Strikes Ozark Family

Bo Agee and his family were in Tennessee at a funeral when they got the call from his mother back home. Their home in Ozark, MO was on fire.

Having a six hour drive back home and not knowing what to expect when they got there made for a long, stressful trip. When they pulled up to the house, an American Red Cross volunteer was waiting for them.

Red Cross volunteer David Nichols followed them to a nearby store where they got out of the cold to fill out some paper work. “If it weren’t for the Red Cross, we would have probably slept in the truck last night. They helped us so much.”

As I walked around the outside of the Agee home today, I listened to Bo talk about his kids. How thankful he is that they are all safe, but how hard it is losing the things he had worked so hard to provide for them. “It’s just all gone. We worked so hard to give them the best Christmas they had ever had, and that was just a month ago.”

Though things can be replaced, it will be hard. Bo works in construction and work is slow. Now that he lost his tools, it will be harder to get the higher paying spots on a work crew. “The Red Cross helped us so much with the immediate needs of food, clothes and a place to stay. Knowing they are a resource to help us recover is good.”

As we talked, Bo asked how he could get involved with the Red Cross and if perhaps he could volunteer. “I would like to repay the kindness that we got, by doing what David did for us, for someone else.”

And that’s what it’s all about. Neighbors helping neighbors and paying the kindness forward. Disasters happen every day. You can help! Get involved as a volunteer and give of your time or make a donation to help people like The Agees.

Visit http://www.redcross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999 today.

Story and photo by: Nigel Holderby


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