Red Cross Gets Fashionable for Disaster Relief

Pre-show begins at 5:30 p.m.
Fashion show begins at 6:00 p.m.
Silent auction and refreshments to follow
Admission to the show: Minimum $5 donation
Location: Southern Missouri Regional Red Cross Office in Springfield, MO
1545 N. West ByPass

Last year these young ladies raised funds to donate to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. This year Destinee is at it again. You won’t want to miss her Fashion Show Fundraiser on December 8, 2012.

Destinee Douty is currently a Junior at Everton High School.  She joined the Red Cross as a “junior member’ after hearing information regarding the Red Cross presented at Everton’s annual Career Fair in 2011.  During that same Career Fair, Destinee had the opportunity to meet with Josh Porter, a representative from MSU’s Department of Fashion Design, to discuss her interest in designing clothes.  Immediately following, Destinee and the other Everton School volunteers began fundraising activities and community help projects as representative of the Red Cross Organization. 

During one brainstorming session, the original idea of making and selling Fashion scarves as a fundraiser quickly morphed Destinee into the idea of using her passion for designing clothes as a fundraiser.  Destinee is a fan of Laguna Beach, the TV show, and watched one episode about a group of teenagers putting on a fashion show for charity. The idea of taking her drawings and turning them into outfits from which others would benefit so excited her that she immediately began planning. She knew this fundraiser require long hours of work and diligence, but that was only a minor detail considering the contribution she felt she could make to the Red Cross.

In January of 2012, determined not to rely on the generosity of adults to make her dream happen, Destinee began the process of interviewing classmates and friends – deciding who she would like to have model her designs, and finding those who would have time to help her with fundraising activities to pay for the needed fabric and supplies. For the past year, two to three times a week, Destinee has been designing, sewing, buying, fundraising, and fitting her models with outfits for this fashion show fundraiser.  Her dedication to this dream goes deeper, however, because her road has been riddled with setbacks.  For one thing, Destinee had never sewn a stitch in her lifetime.  She searched and found someone to help with that void and after some lessons on cutting, patterning, and sewing, she has learned much.  In addition, her Thyroid Disease, previously under control, flared up, making the road difficult to travel – not to mention school and homework expectations. But she did not give up!

Almost one year later, Destinee’s dream coupled with her compassion for others is becoming a reality.  On Saturday, December 8, 2012, her “Designs by Destinee ‘Rearview Mirror Collection’ ” will be shown and all proceeds donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.


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