Building A Disaster Kit 101

Last week we were asked to participate in the first Springfield Community Field Trip to The Discovery Center and since a piece of our mission is preparedness, we took this opportunity to build an awesome disaster kit! This kit will be a grand prize gift for one lucky family who attends one of the scheduled Field Trips! Check out the field trips this summer at

So as promised, here is the how to on building a disaster kit! You can find a lot of information here at the site. This is the checklist we used Click HERE .

The first thing you will want to do is to think about the types of disaster that your area is prone to and consider what items from the list might be most important. Bump them to the top of the list and then start the scavenger hunt!

You will be surprised at the things you have lying around the house that will be part of your kit, it’s just a matter of getting them all in one spot for ease in locating during an emergency. So, grab a plastic tote and lets get started!

Some common household items in this kit: Scissors, duct tape, flash light, trash bags, work gloves, blanket, paper, pen, markers, crayons, playing cards, personal hygene items (toothbrush, hair brush etc.)

Some things you might have to grab at the store: Waterproof matches, Multi-purpose tool(with can opener), glow sticks, extra batteries, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, first aid kit, weather radio, whistle.

You will want to periodically rotate out the food and water that goes into your kit, so it might need it’s own tub or special place in your storm shelter or designated kit storage area. You will need 1 gallon of water per person, per day with a 3 day minimum and food for a minimum of 3 days as well. We used HeaterMeals in our kit, but any non-perishable food items that you and your family like will work just fine. My kit at home has a lot of beans, high in protien and you can eat them cold. As a side note though, you might want to add some Beano!

Do you have something special in YOUR disaster preparedness kit? Post some of your thoughts and items here. We would love to see what other people are doing to prepare.

Post by: Nigel Holderby – CCO


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