A Red Cross First Date!

First Date


I would like to share with you the story of Nate and Lora. I met them at our 2011 Holiday Mail for Heroes event at the Springfield Office back in November. After the event I heard a couple of volunteers talking about the “First Date” that happened at our office and thought that was pretty sweet.  A few weeks ago I came across the photo from that event and was curious, so I decided to reach out to the group to see if I could connect with them. Here is what I learned:


Lora was introduced to Nate online and they communicated via email for a while until deciding to meet in person.  It was decided that they would meet someplace where they could talk but also have the benefit of other people around just in case they didn’t click as well as they hoped, or the conversation didn’t flow well.  


“Since I was registered as an American Red Cross volunteer I had received an invitation to the Holiday Mail for Heroes event.  I knew Nate was in the Missouri National Guard and thought he might also be interested in reaching out to deployed and recovering soldiers during the holiday season” said Lora. “Thankfully he thought it was a great idea.” And that is how the American Red Cross became the location of a “First Date.”


Nate and Lora have been dating now for about 4 months and are enjoying the process of developing their relationship. Lora did say that though no future plans are being made at this point, an anniversary event is not out of the question. I think I can guarantee that they receive that 2012 Holiday Mail for Heroes invitation.


Nate served as an enlisted soldier in the Army and later was commissioned as an officer. As of now he has completed 11 years of service.  He continues work full time for the Missouri National Guard as the training officer for his unit. Lora is a Registered Nurse and Red Cross Volunteer with a long family history of service in the military. We wish them the best and are excited to be part of their story.



Written By:

K. Nigel Holderby

Chief Communications Officer


American Red Cross

Southern Missouri Region



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