"There’s No Place I’d Rather Be"

Hello Everyone –

I’ve just come back from a deployment to Southeast Missouri where there has been record flooding for the past few weeks. Many volunteers are still there (or affected themselves!) helping the recovery of hundreds of people who have had their homes literally washed away by floodwaters.

I always gain a better perspective on our Volunteers when I get the opportunity to be immersed in a Disaster Relief Operation for a few weeks. While I was deployed, there were two volunteers that I was talking to who were either deployed, or working in their local area on their birthday. Each time they were told something along the lines of “You should be out doing something you want to on your birthday, not working!”, and both of them had the same response “I can’t imagine doing anything else on my birthday. This IS what I want to be doing, and there’s no place I’d rather be.”

….all I can say is Wow. This is the type of dedication that I see each and every day from all of you. Whether you’re ‘lucky’ enough to have a disaster on your birthday or not, I see that dedication, and that burning passion in your eyes. I know I say it all the time, but this time I say it with a renewed dedication to you, and a renewed sense of how awesome you really honestly are. You ROCK!

So thanks to those that have worked on disasters, those that continue to work on disasters (both locally and across the nation), those who hold down the fort in the office for those that work on disasters, those that have the same passion and dedication to other lines of Red Cross Service…..to ALL of you.

“…thanks, thanks and thanks”

Kristofer “Luke” Bolz
Regional Executive Officer of Volunteer Services
American Red Cross


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