Martin Luther King Day Of Service – Restoring Community Pride


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January 15, 2011


Restoring Community Pride – MLK Day Of Service


Seneca, MO —In honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service a wave of Service will be sweeping across the Seneca School District on Monday, January 17th.  Members from area AmeriCorps programs will be leading a community project to make improvements to some of the district’s aging buildings, bringing a renewed sense of community pride to the district.

AmeriCorps Members from the American Red Cross, Purdy School District and Seneca School District will be on hand to lead the community in the endeavor.  Projects will include:  enhancing the interior of the school by cleaning and painting some of the areas students spend the most time, giving them a welcoming environment to learn; rehabbing athletic field structures so students and the community can have a place to be proud of; and restoring memorabilia that chronicles the proud history of Seneca.

“Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day where all people could come together to address the needs of their communities, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.” said Luke Bolz, AmeriCorps Program Director.  “We all have to come together to make these schools a place we can be proud to send our youngest generations to every day…after all, they are our future.”

While this project is being led by AmeriCorps Members, the general public is encouraged to come show their support, and lend a helping hand!  Jeremy Osgood, and AmeriCorps Member, said “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to serve, making Monday a day on instead of a day off.”

Everyone that comes to lend a hand, using their day off of work as a day on for the community, will be treated to a free Chili lunch.  The projects will get started at 9am in the AmeriCorps Room of the Seneca Intermediate School Building.  Volunteers must pre-register by contacting the project coordinators.  Those wanting to Volunteer should contact the project by calling 1-866-206-0256 extension 258.  You may also eMail

For more information, members of the press can contact Luke Bolz, American Red Cross AmeriCorps Program Director at 417.839.3990 (cell) or by eMail at

Project leadership will be available for interview anytime.  Participating Volunteers and AmeriCorps Members will be available for interview on Monday starting at 9 am. 






Kristofer “Luke” Bolz

Regional Executive Officer of Volunteer Services

AmeriCorps Program Director and DSHR Administrator


American Red Cross

Greater Ozarks Chapter

1545 N West Bypass

Springfield, MO  65803

(417) 832-9500 ext. 141 (p) 

(866) 206-0256 ext. 141 (p)

(417) 447-7182 (direct dial)

(417) 866-3649 (fax)

(877) 866-3649 (toll free fax)

(417) 839-3990 (cell)


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