Mascot Contest

UPDATE: A series of new entries with various stories and suggestions will follow. Contest ideas still being developed. Hope to discuss at Springfield volunteer meeting on 21 Oct.

NOMINATION: “Red Cross Dog”

I nominate @redcrossdog in the category “Best Red Cross Story”. RedCrossDog is the social media persona of Jade Thompson. Jade, a Heeler/Spaniel mix, was rescued when he was four weeks old and became a beloved member of the Thompson family. On July 4, 2010, at the ripe old age of 17, and suffering from arthritis, Jade drowned. As a long-time Red Cross volunteer, Christine Thompson knew CPR, and saved Jade’s life. Jade’s story was featured by the American Red Cross in the kickoff of the “Dog Days of Summer” campaign. You can read it here

As @redcrossdog on Twitter, Jade’s human helpers, volunteers for Humanity Road, Inc., (@HumanityRoad), tweet pet health, safety and disaster preparedness tips. RedCrossDog supports the Red Cross by tweeting articles about pet safety from the websites of the American Red Cross and its chapters.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate @redcrossdog!

Toni McNulty
Team Lead – Animals in Disaster/RedCrossDog
Humanity Road, Inc.
On Twitter @iamvatoni

UPDATE: First Entry. Contest input requested.

Kerstin nominates Chance, who has a “Canine Good Citizen certificate and is currently attending training to be a pet therapy dog.” Kerstin adds, “Plus, he is very handsome!”
Developing Rules… Three photos per entry probably ok in my book. A nominating statement (similar to what Kerstin sent) probably should be required. Limit it to 200 words perhaps – including captions on the (up to 3) photo(s). (?)
I had envisioned having photos submitted in Red Cross garb or using a Red Cross logo in the setting somehow – so photos were ready to use to illustrate Red Cross pages… though that might discourage participation (?)  At minimum I think folks should discuss what kind of “Red Cross photo” they envision for their mascot should we select him/her to represent the Red Cross on these pages…
Would a prize like a pet disaster kit or similar encourage folks to enter?
I also envision various categories of “titles” to share the wealth. Certainly Handsome Canine and Cute Kitty divisions at minimum…
Should we have an online “vote” to pick mascots? A drawing? A panel-of-judges? Make an event of it?
Oh, Deke, yes, you may enter your pet rock. 😉
Thoughts (and entries) to
Presenting Chance:
Help me live my dream…

I wanna be a Red Cross poster cat when I grow up!

We are discussing the idea of having a Red Cross mascot contest – perhaps featuring the winner on our web pages for a period of time.

Ideas? (UPDATE: As of 21 Oct 2010 – Volunteer Meeting Night in SGF – Ideas still welcome!)
Submit photos of nominees and suggestions for our mascot program to:
This little kitten has appeared in two previous Red Cross stories and she is looking to be adopted. (Will waive the adoption fee for any Red Crosser who promises a good home.) (UPDATE, As of 19 OCT, all Red Cross Kittens adopted. Yea! =)

2 responses to “Mascot Contest

  1. These are cute, however, if the mascot for the Red Cross is a dog or a cat- what about the people that have allergies against these animals?

  2. You raise a good point – and when I have a bit more time I may return and link to explanations of why we cannot allow pets in shelters (and how we partner with other agencies to help us out with a safe place for pets; and why disaster planning for your pets is something you should do now).

    As for the “mascot” contest, we are looking for “poster pets” – we will be using photos only – so no actual pet fur in the Red Cross office to aggravate allergies. =)

    THANKS, Perry

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