"…as long as you are all here, we are going to be here too!"

Volunteers arrived early to help fire victims
 and stayed through the night
 to support emergency workers.
Yesterday afternoon I conducted an after action review in Joplin for DR 225-11 MFF (Multi-Family Fire). I wanted to give a “Big Thank You” to all volunteers and staff that assisted in the response for this fire. This was not our “usual” fire; there were 28 apartments affected and residents needed immediate assistance. As always, volunteers from all over the region immediately responded to our request for help. I’m proud of the response we showed the City of Joplin and the residents of the Oxford Park Apartments. The Red Cross was commended for our response from various city and county personnel and the Independent Living Center and the manager of the Oxford Park Apartments.

During the City of Joplin’s after action review one of our volunteers was specifically recognized by fire and police personnel. The day of the fire there was a fairly large contingent of emergency personnel that were to remain at the fire scene over night. At some point during the night the emergency personnel told our volunteer (who was there with food and drinks for the emergency responders) that he could go ahead and go home. John Marshall’s response was “as long as you are all here, we are going to be here too!” This is an awesome example of our volunteer’s commitment to the mission of the American Red Cross.
Thank you for supporting me and the mission of the Red Cross!
Brian Keath

Director of Emergency Services/Region D
American Red Cross

410 S Jackson Ave
Joplin, MO 64801
(417) 624-4411
(417) 624-2391 Fax

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