A personal story from Faith about why "turn around, don’t drown" matters…

This little key chain could save your life.

Turn around, don’t drown. I have heard that expression so many times but never paid much attention to it until I was on my way to work one early spring morning. It was still dark outside and I was blinded by the rain  pounding on my windshield. I was driving ever so slowly, following the white line along the road when suddenly, that white line was no longer visible and my car was under water. Terrified, I jerked the wheel sending my car up over a curb and into a bank parking lot where it came to a screeching halt and died. I sat there in shock and then began to cry. I have driven the same road to work day after day, year after year and never thought for a minute water could rise high enough for a car to become completely submerged. I thought “turn around, don’t drown” referred to rising rivers and creeks that rushed over the roadway, not the streets that I traveled daily around town.

That is when I was introduced to the life hammer keychain. This small lifesaving device attaches to your key ring and includes a razor which is used to cut a seat belt and a spring loaded pin that when pressed against a car window will shatter the window completely, allowing you to escape. This lifesaving device can be purchased for $10.00 at the Chapter office or thru the online store.

See how this device works:
Faith Koppes
Director of Health and Safety
Greater Ozarks Chapter
1545 N. West Bypass
Springfield, MO. 65803
417-832-9500 ext. 106

One response to “A personal story from Faith about why "turn around, don’t drown" matters…

  1. In any vehicle accident this lil guy could save your life! It is very interesting and everyone should have at least 1! Thanks Faith!!

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