Volunteers respond at a moment’s notice…

I wanted to share some news from the West Plains Office that should make everyone feel good about what we do. About noon today we received a call from the West Plains Fire Chief. He was on the scene of an accident that had resulted in a hazardous material spill south of West Plains, and requested canteening services from the Red Cross.

One of our DAT team members, Kathleen Hensley, was helping to staff the office, so she responded with heater meals and snacks. Approximately 25 firefighters, haz-mat team members, and police officers were at the scene, and greatly appreciated the Red Cross coming out. The fire department had furnished bottled water.

I’m grateful for dedicated volunteers like Kathleen who will do whatever needs to be done, and who represent the fundamental principles of the Red Cross so well. Thanks, Kathleen!

Jan Rickert
Executive Officer
American Red Cross
Greater Ozarks Chapter
West Plains Office
Tel: (417)257-0018,
Fax: (417)257-0024

Check out our NEW office located at 218 W. Main Street (across from Robertson-Drago Funeral Home) in West Plains.

*** In recent years, excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events including floods. A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessive heat, often combined with excessive humidity. Generally temperatures are 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature for the region during summer months, last for a long period of time and occur with high humidity as well.


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