Red Cross Volunteer Spirit

Bev sends from the Lebanon MO office:

I wanted to share this with all of you.  A small act, with a big impact.  Just think, at least 30 people will go to their hometown all over the U.S. with a good word about the Red Cross. I know you all do this type of thing everyday as well, but I think it is good to share these stories to keep us focused on what we do and the amazing people we work with everyday.

From a Red Cross Volunteer:
I have got to tell you a story.  My wife and I were on way back from Springfield this afternoon and just a few miles out of Lebanon was a Greyhound bus broken down on the Westbound side of I-44.  She dropped me off to pick up my pickup so I went on out to the Red Cross office.  Bev was there and I told her we needed to get some water and gatorade to these people as they were standing out in the hot sun. She said go.
Danny Marcum, David Sewell & I loaded the Red Cross pickup with water, gatorade and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (3 cases).  Bev called [State Police] Troop I and said we were on the way.  There were 30 plus people on the bus and you could tell some of them didn't have a dime to their name.  They were so happy to see the drinks and cookies.  They had a church bus coming from Lebanon to take them back to a truck stop in Lebanon to wait for another bus, which had to come out of St. Louis.  Some had medical issues that the heat was not helping…
I think during the time we were there and getting ready to leave everyone of these people came and shook hands and thanked us.  Some of the bus riders took pictures…
This was one of the many times it is really good to be a red cross volunteer.
We sent in a canteen report, but as Paul Harvey would say, this is the rest of the story. 
Have a Great Day.
Joe Price

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