Welcome Libby!

Greater Ozarks Blog to Gradually Shift Appearance

During the next few months, our blog will gradually show some changes. We’ll keep bringing you timely information about the events, activities, and experiences of the people affiliated with the Greater Ozarks Chapter (GOC) of the American Red Cross (ARC). We’ll also begin to include different sorts of features and toss in a few more photos along the way.

Photo of Libby
My name is Libby Donohue, and I’m a new volunteer at the chapter. In December 2009, I graduated from Missouri State University with a Master of Arts in Writing. Having admired my hard-won diploma long enough, I recently decided to exercise my skills by assisting the fantastic crew at the GOC of the ARC. I’m very happy about the opportunity to help out with the chapter’s blog and pitch in a bit with other publications.

A dozen years ago in Minnesota, I served at the Saint Paul Area Chapter of the Red Cross as a member of Disaster Services. Midway through this decade, I moved to Springfield. While attending grad school at Missouri State, I volunteered with the campus chapter of Sierra Club as the web director and blog editor. Now I look forward to learning about the happenings of the GOC! You’ll get to read about some of those happenings right here in our blog. And I just might ask you a few questions along the way.

Libby Donohue, Red Cross Volunteer



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