Red Cross Volunteers – The Definition of Awesome!

Yesterday morning, we got word that a line of severe storms was predicted to sweep through many of the communities in our territory. We sent an eMail out to our volunteers requesting them to send us their availability for the next few days, should a large scale Red Cross response be necessary.

As they always do, our volunteers stepped up to the plate. Within a matter of hours we had over 70 volunteers respond that they were willing to help, most of which said that they would “do whatever needs to be done”. It’s always so inspiring to see the response whenever we ask our volunteers to update their availability for a possible response. Each and every one of them shows the true Red Cross spirit…the spirit of being there for the communities when they need you the most.

All of our volunteers inspire me day after day, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with!

I opened my eMail this morning, and had several eMails from people just like these:


What a response! Thank God we didn’t have to activate last night but I know it will be a busy tornado season. It makes me excited to see so many respond and willing to help! Please send my appreciation!

Chris Harmon

American Red Cross

Greater Ozarks Chapter

Director of Emergency Services


What an amazing group of volunteers we have – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for all you do!!

Debi Meeds

Executive Director

American Red Cross Greater Ozarks Chapter


You make all of us proud to be Red Crossers. Thank you for your response last night, and each time that you ‘step up to the plate’ to help your communities. You really do Rock my Socks off!


Director of Volunteer Services


I think I speak for the entire Greater Ozarks Chapter when I say our volunteers ROCK!


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