Apartment Bldg. Fire



Red Cross Responds to Apartment Building Fire

Springfield, MO – Disaster Action Team Members (DAT) are currently on the scene responding to 16 unit apartment building fire on Market and Mt. Vernon in Springfield (Greene County). 

          The DAT members will meet with victims of this disaster and assess their basic emergency needs.  At this time, about 8 units are affected.  The Emergency Response Unit (ERV) is preparing to arrive at the scene shortly and will provide food and beverages for the individuals that have experienced a loss and also for the members of the fire department.

          Basic emergency needs include temporary shelter, food, clothing and medicine.  All needs will be assessed and help provided.  Volunteers will continue to follow up with residents of the building as they begin their recovery process.


DAT members are volunteers with the Greater Ozarks Chapter and have received specialized training in various aspects of disaster response, including casework interviews, damage assessment, sheltering and feeding, health services and crisis counseling.  DAT members also have the full support of the chapter for additional personnel and resources if needed.  For information about training to become a Red Cross volunteer, please call 866-206-0256 EXT. 200 or visit www.redcross-ozarks.org/volunteer.

You can help the victims of countless crises around the world each year by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which will provide immediate relief and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other support to help those in need.  The American Red Cross honors donor intent.  Donations can be sent to the American Red Cross, P. O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C.  20013, or made by phone at 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) or online at www.redcross.org




Joann Moore

Public Information Officer

Financial Development Assistant

American Red Cross

Greater Ozarks Chapter

1545 N. West Bypass

Springfield, MO.  65803

417-832-9500  EXT. 107

Fax 417-866-3649

Toll Free: 1-866-206-0256 EXT. 107




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