9/11 Nat’l Day of Service & Remembrance

Photo by Daniel Cima for American Red Cross


your Red Cross invites you to share what 9/11 meant to you.
We would also like to hear how you will commemorate the day this year – with family and friends, participating in a volunteer project, attending a remembrance service, or just quietly remembering those we lost that day.
– Debi
(Contact Info: Debi Meeds, CEO)
Please post comments after this blog entry.
Please stay on topic of your personal reflections, feelings, and plans to commemorate.
Red Cross Disaster Volunteers from many countries were on the scene of the World Trade Center.
Red Crossers from our Chapter were there.
Red Crossers are trained to listen.
Sometimes they need to share too.
General public & Red Crossers both welcome to share here today.
If you would like a response, please leave contact information.
We would like to begin by wishing Chris Harmon, our Director of Emergency Services, a very happy and uneventful birthday today.
Happy Birthday Chris!
When asked if he would care to share his memories of that day, he replied:

…the feelings that I had on September 11 2001 are too much to put into words. I do know that the days following, I was so proud to be part of a great organization like the Red Cross. The GOC [Greater Ozarks Chapter] has the best VOLUNTEERS around. The support they gave me was overwhelming.

One relatively easy way to honor this day is to give blood. A few minutes of your time and you can KNOW you saved a life – maybe three.
If you need a moment to gather your thoughts, here is a beautiful rendition of Taps that Brian, the Supervisor of our Service to Armed Forces casework, sent along last week.

3 responses to “9/11 Nat’l Day of Service & Remembrance

  1. I was on my way to the Dentist.
    I stood by my front door watching the TV, and the first plane hit the World Trade Center …. I was horrified at the ''terrible plane crash''.
    I left and went to the car and as I drove to town, many miles away, I heard on the radio when the other events began happening. It was surreal and I was numb.
    I went into the Dentist's office, where in the waiting room were about 15 people who had no idea what had been happening….when I tried to explain that we needed a radio on, they looked at me like I had just lost my mind.

    The Dentist shouted from the back to put the radio on…and we sat there in silence as realization became obvious.
    We all were in tears …. some left without seeing the Dentist, some stayed….

    My Son was called to Guard a National Airport, my other Son was put on special alert with the Highway Patrol, and, I knew our lives had changed forever.

    God Bless America and may those souls who left us, rest in peace.

    The Dentist: Dr. Ted Ziske, Salem, MO.

  2. I was asleep. I used to work the late late shift at Taco Bell and I lived in Crane, MO So I never got home til 4 or 5 am every day. I usually didn't get up til the late afternoon. When I wolk up that day, I turned the TV on and there it was. I thought it was a movie….

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