New Casework Office in Nevada

The Greater Ozarks Chapter of the American Red Cross will begin client casework from the Nevada Office for seven of the counties the chapter serves (Vernon, Cedar, St. Clair, Dade, Polk, Dallas and Hickory).

The goals are to provide more efficient follow-up with those who we help after disasters (like house fires) and more volunteer opportunities in our Nevada office. Volunteers Valorie Mead and Joyce Wallace will be in charge of casework. If you would like to help them, please call the Nevada Office at (417) 667-5563.

The Nevada Office is located in the Great Southern Bank Building at 201 E Cherry Street. Great Southern Bank has graciously loaned much office furniture to create a pleasant area for caseworkers and clients. The chapter greatly appreciates their contribution and would like to acknowledge their generosity.


One response to “New Casework Office in Nevada

  1. And we here in the Nevada office are excited about all the new changes. we're already getting first hand experience at doing casework and are so thankful we can be a part of helping others get back on their feet after experiencing a disaster. And this has given an opportunity for our many new volunteers to come in have a part in getting our office up and running smoothly. We truly are “one Red Cross!”

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